Where are you located?top
Our building is white and brick, located on Tennent Road between Crine and Route 18 near Jonas Gymnastics.
In an emergency, what number should I call?top
Call 9-1-1. The Marlboro Township Police Department will dispatch the necessary help.
What happens when I call 911?top
The exact response depends on the situation. The police operator may dispatch police, fire, rescue and medical resources. Police officers usually arrive on scene first and provide initial care. Medics are often dispatched along with the first aid squad. Medics essentially bring the Emergency Room to the patient able to provide IVs, various medications and definitive airway control. In some cases, the initial responders may cancel medics after performing an initial assessment. Depending upon the situation, care and transport to the hospital will be provided. Medics often continue to provide care on the way to the hospital. If you see the ambulance stop, it is because emergency personnel are conducting a procedure that can’t be done in a moving vehicle: it is standard operation. In serious situations, other resources may include additional ambulances, medic units, search units, Hazmat units, the state MEDEVAC helicopter and assistance at the county, state and even the federal level in major disasters.
What should I do when I am on the road and I see an emergency vehicle with lights and sirens?top
First, don’t endanger yourself! Don’t slam on the brakes or pull over suddenly, and don’t break any traffic laws, such as running red lights. Use your signals to alert other drivers that you intend to pull over. Check your rear and side view mirrors for other vehicles, and look in front and on both sides of your vehicle. Allow other vehicles to also pull over. Pull to the right and gradually come to a stop. Wait for the emergency vehicle to pass and watch for more than one emergency vehicle. Check to make sure the way is clear and signal before merging back into traffic. NEVER chase or try to outrun an emergency vehicle. Thanks for helping us get to the scene faster and safer!
Is there a fee when someone needs an ambulance?top
No. All of our members are volunteers and receive no pay for their services. You will never receive a bill from us when you need an ambulance.
If you do not charge for your services, who provides the funding?top
We provide our services to the community at no cost. We receive an annual donation from the Township of Marlboro. However, we depend on donations from the community to support our operational costs.
What is the Star of Life?top
The Star of Life is a blue, six-pointed star with the Rod of Asclepius in the center, originally designed and governed by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Internationally, it designates emergency care units and personnel.
Do you offer any classes?top
We offer a wide variety of both American Heart Association and American Red Cross classes. Call us at (732) 591-1200 for information.
Is there a charge for your classes?top
Yes, however they are very reasonably priced so that they are affordable.
Do you have speakers available?top
We have tours for Scouts and speak to Homeowners and Association meetings. Arrangements can be made to have a member come and speak with your group, or you may come to our building. Call us at (732) 591-1200.
Do you have an annual fund drive?top
During the year we send out two mailers about our squad. The spring/summer mailing is informational. The fall/winter mailing contains information on our annual Fund Drive. You may make a donation at any time.